Total Balance movement and recovery centre personal training provides a next level and holistic program to see you fitter, healthier, happier and looking fabulous!  Our one stop health studio is fully equipped for a personal training experience with the impact of a gym, comfort of home and benefits of state of the art equipment and holistic therapies.

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Movement for recovery therapy in Byron Bay and South Golden Beach


Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to look and feel more beautiful


Regular exercise increases your metabolic rate, which will burn more calories and help you lose weight resulting in a happier healthier you!


Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to relax and refresh

Relax & Refresh

 Improves circulation of lymph and blood flow throughout the body resulting in improved energy, focus and alertness.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support your mind and spirit

Mind & Spirit

Physical challenges deliver a little rush of adrenalin, followed by release of endorphins leaving you with a feeling of empowerment and self confidence.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery studio proivide a holistic diagnostic approach to health
Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to reduce stress

Stress Relief

Stimulates hormones that improve sleep, memory and brain function.


Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to re-energise


 Strengthens immunity, increases circulation, lowers cholesterol and decreases blood pressure, all essentials for good heart health.


Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to build body strength

Strength Building

Weight bearing exercise is essential for bone, muscle joint health and preventing and even reversing osteoporosis.


Holistic personalised programs tailored to help you discover your potential, reach health goals and achieve a state of balanced wellness.  Cathy designs training programs that establish body mind connection to restore balance and improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing and specialising in individualised health optimisation through building strength, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. From the comfort of the Total Balance studio she combines Calisthenics/body weight training, Total Body Resistance, Aerial Yoga, Core conditioning, Mind Body Connection and Exercise therapy/rehab.

    Movement for recovery therapy in Byron Bay and South Golden Beach


    Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

    40 minutes - $50



    Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

    60 minutes - $70



    Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

    90 minutes - $100



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    Total Balance What To Expect
    Total Balance Training

    Total Balance Training

    Many personal trainers provide a limited approach to training programs.  Total Balance embraces a diversity of types of training, knowing that physical health is a an inside and outside job. Calisthenics/body weight training – development of body weight...

    Advanced Sauna Therapy

    Advanced Sauna Therapy

    Rather than heating the air like traditional saunas, Infrared saunas use infrared lamps that use electromagnetic radiation that penetrate the tissue to warm your body directly. This allows infrared saunas to operate at a lower temp than a traditional saunas (between...

    Hot/Cold Therapy – the ultimate in recovery!

    Hot/Cold Therapy – the ultimate in recovery!

    For injury recovery, contrasting is a good, cheap, safe, and simple idea, and trust me its so much better than it sounds, when it’s done right.  Ice bath recovery can decrease inflammation, desensitise pain receptors and enhance muscular and cardiovascular...



    “Having experienced shoulder pain for most of my adult life after a snowboarding injury I just thought I had to cope with all the associated ailments and constant pain. I recently Tore my supraspinatus and went to Cathy for assistance. After just a few sessions of deep tissue massage, cupping and needling I now realise how much pain I was dealing with needlessly. The improvement has been way above my expectations. My quality of life has improved and my mental state is greatly uplifted. Nobody can fix the tear in my tendon, that’s a slow heal but to remove all of the associated pain and feel that recovery is in sight has been fantastic. I highly recommend Cathy and her caring yet professional approach to injury rehabilitation.”

    “Cath is an inspiring & motivated trainer. I really dislike exercising but Cath’s ability to create work outs that are unique to me & my body is incredible. She makes the sessions fun, while weaving in technical aspects. I’ve seen really positive results in my strength & body shape. I highly recommend Cath!”

    “Cathy is the kind of person you want on your health team. She’s passionate, innovative and her treatments work!! I wouldn’t see anyone else. I recommend her to everyone. I love how Cath weaves in dry needling, massage and movement as well as other holistic modalities to make sure you leave nourished on all levels. Cath’s always ahead of the game, and is a total legend to boot.”

    “Receiving a massage and dry needling treatment from Cathy was an incredibly relaxing and deeply therapeutic experience. I’ve received countless massages, acupuncture and osteopathic treatments from many therapists over the years, and I can honestly say Cathy’s was one of the best I’ve ever had. I immediately felt her years of experience through her intuitive and strong hands, and felt very confident in her ability to diagnose and soothe the stresses in my body. Thanks again Cathy- I’m looking forward to our next appointment.”