Sink into our gorgeous magnesium rich mineral soaker. Our heated open air magnesium bath facilitates deep relaxation.  Ease joint and muscle pain, speed injury recovery, improve sleep and reduce stress.  This blissed out soaker experience, uses magnesium for the health of your mind and body.  For a deeper healing experience explore our contrast therapy.

Mineral soak bath in dreampod for recovery therapy in Byron bay and South Golden Beach


Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to look and feel more beautiful


Helps promote softer, smoother, healthier skin and nails for an overall beautiful complexion.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to relax and refresh

Relax & Refresh

Magnesium helps produce serotonin, our happy hormone found in the brain, it also boosts energy and promotes relaxation.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support your mind and spirit

Mind & Spirit

Helps to alleviate depression and anxiety, and improve sleep.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery studio proivide a holistic diagnostic approach to health
Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to reduce stress

Stress Relief

Reduces cortisol levels giving the body a natural way to release stress. 

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to re-energise


Magnesium can assist in improving chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, muscular tension, & joint pain. 

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to build body strength

Strength Building

Increases blood flow, relieves muscle cramps, reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system.



Our magnesium mineral salt bath is a naturally alkaline solution. Use of the Mineral Soaker helps neutralise acidity in the body and assists in the removal of potentially harmful toxins built up inside the body. Rich in magnesium and set to around 39, soaking in the magnesium warm water eases pain by alleviating stress on the joints and muscles of the body. Magnesium soaking has been shown to speed up recovery after an injury, relieve muscle spasms, boost immunity, address magnesium deficiency, improve sleep and even help with lessening menstrual cramps. The mineral rich content of the water also helps promote softer, smoother, and healthier skin.
Special note! If you would like to experience the immense health benefits of contrast therapy we recommend pairing your soak with our Dreampod Ice Bath. Check out our combined packages here.

    Mineral soak bath in dreampod for recovery therapy in Byron bay and South Golden Beach


    Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

    30 minute - $40

    Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

    45 minute - $50

    Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

    60 minute - $60


    The temperature of our Mineral Soaker is variable but generally set to around 39 degrees celsius.


    The Mineral Soaker can be used on its own or paired with any of our other services. Options include hot/cold therapy for those looking to challenge themselves and reap the amazing benefits of this experience (highly recommended), a personalised movement session, a sauna or a massage. 


    Everyone is required to have a shower prior to hopping in any of the pods to ensure all oils, creams, dirt and sweat are removed (this helps us to maintain the pristine waters of our pods).


    You will be provided with a body wash bar, towel and robe to use.

    Post shower is optional (but not necessary as the minerals are amazing for your skin).

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    “Having experienced shoulder pain for most of my adult life after a snowboarding injury I just thought I had to cope with all the associated ailments and constant pain. I recently Tore my supraspinatus and went to Cathy for assistance. After just a few sessions of deep tissue massage, cupping and needling I now realise how much pain I was dealing with needlessly. The improvement has been way above my expectations. My quality of life has improved and my mental state is greatly uplifted. Nobody can fix the tear in my tendon, that’s a slow heal but to remove all of the associated pain and feel that recovery is in sight has been fantastic. I highly recommend Cathy and her caring yet professional approach to injury rehabilitation.”

    “Cath is an inspiring & motivated trainer. I really dislike exercising but Cath’s ability to create work outs that are unique to me & my body is incredible. She makes the sessions fun, while weaving in technical aspects. I’ve seen really positive results in my strength & body shape. I highly recommend Cath!”

    “Cathy is the kind of person you want on your health team. She’s passionate, innovative and her treatments work!! I wouldn’t see anyone else. I recommend her to everyone. I love how Cath weaves in dry needling, massage and movement as well as other holistic modalities to make sure you leave nourished on all levels. Cath’s always ahead of the game, and is a total legend to boot.”

    “Receiving a massage and dry needling treatment from Cathy was an incredibly relaxing and deeply therapeutic experience. I’ve received countless massages, acupuncture and osteopathic treatments from many therapists over the years, and I can honestly say Cathy’s was one of the best I’ve ever had. I immediately felt her years of experience through her intuitive and strong hands, and felt very confident in her ability to diagnose and soothe the stresses in my body. Thanks again Cathy- I’m looking forward to our next appointment.”