Total Balance Studio boasts the best in heat and ice therapy with our state of the art Dreampod Ice Bath and Mineral Soaker. Sink into our gorgeous, relaxing magnesium-rich mineral soaker. Plunge into our invigorating and revitalising ice bath. Or for a full mind and body healing experience combine the two.

contrast hot/cold therapy for recovery in Byron Bay and South Golden Beach


Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to look and feel more beautiful


Boosts metabolism, and burns calories (up to 1000/45min session!). A workout without the physical wear and tear on your body

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to relax and refresh

Relax & Refresh

Stimulate blood flow to the brain resulting in improved focus and clarity of the mind.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support your mind and spirit

Mind & Spirit

Pushing the limits of the body helps train and strengthen the mind and builds emotional resilience and resistance to stress over time.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery studio proivide a holistic diagnostic approach to health
Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to reduce stress

Stress Relief

Helps to alleviate depression and anxiety, and provides an overall sense of wellbeing.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to re-energise


Strengthens immune system and improves sleep.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to build body strength

Strength Building

Lessens muscle fatigue and to decreases pain, swelling, and lactic acid buildup following intense exercise.


The key to contrast therapy is in the rapid changes produced in your circulatory system when you move from the heat of our Mineral Soaker to extreme cold of our Ice bath. Our Dreampod Ice bath supports a decrease in inflammation, desensitises pain receptors, enhances muscular and cardiovascular health as well as boosts emotional well being. The nurturing heat of our magnesium soaker, helps with relaxation, soothes muscles and improves mobility and blood flow. Cold water cause vasoconstriction (blood vessels get smaller), hot water causes vasodilation (blood vessels get bigger) creating a pump like action which can help relieve injury symptoms and remove excess lactic acid post exercise. Together, the benefits are complementary. Our contrast therapies are available individually, in tandem or in conjunction with other more active therapies such as our movement therapy.

Prefer to experience the benefits separately?
Head here for more on our ice bath – COLD 
or here for more on our mineral soaker – HOT.

    contrast hot/cold Dreampod therapy for recovery in Byron Bay and South Golden Beach


    Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

    30 minute - $40

    Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

    45 minute - $50

    Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

    60 minute - $60


    Come 15 mins early for your first appointment.

    We have a variety programs for you to work through depending on whether you’re an experienced hard core lover of the ice or a newbie wondering what all the hype and excitement is about.  It’s totally up to you if you want to take the plunge and fully submerge yourself into the icy waters or just dip your little toe in. With our support, you are in control.

    You can pair your warm and chilly experience with a workout, breathing exercises, our sauna, float tank or a massage. Our fabulous packages can provide you with a range of combinations. 

    Either way you’ll be pleased to know that your contrast therapy session starts in the comforting warm 39 deg C waters of the Mineral Soaker.

    But you wont have time to get too comfortable! Next is a dip in the Ice Bath.

    The times and rounds in each of these will vary depending on your desired outcome, how experienced you are at contrast therapy and how brave you are feeling!

    We will discuss this with you during our intake process and set the ideal program with you to ensure you get the benefits you are looking for.

    Everyone is required to have a shower prior to hopping in any of the pods to ensure all oils, creams, dirt and sweat are removed (this helps us to maintain the pristine water’s of our pods).

    You will be provided with a body wash bar, towel and robe to use.

    Post shower is optional but not necessary.

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    Total Balance What To Expect
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    “Having experienced shoulder pain for most of my adult life after a snowboarding injury I just thought I had to cope with all the associated ailments and constant pain. I recently Tore my supraspinatus and went to Cathy for assistance. After just a few sessions of deep tissue massage, cupping and needling I now realise how much pain I was dealing with needlessly. The improvement has been way above my expectations. My quality of life has improved and my mental state is greatly uplifted. Nobody can fix the tear in my tendon, that’s a slow heal but to remove all of the associated pain and feel that recovery is in sight has been fantastic. I highly recommend Cathy and her caring yet professional approach to injury rehabilitation.”

    “Cath is an inspiring & motivated trainer. I really dislike exercising but Cath’s ability to create work outs that are unique to me & my body is incredible. She makes the sessions fun, while weaving in technical aspects. I’ve seen really positive results in my strength & body shape. I highly recommend Cath!”

    “Cathy is the kind of person you want on your health team. She’s passionate, innovative and her treatments work!! I wouldn’t see anyone else. I recommend her to everyone. I love how Cath weaves in dry needling, massage and movement as well as other holistic modalities to make sure you leave nourished on all levels. Cath’s always ahead of the game, and is a total legend to boot.”

    “Receiving a massage and dry needling treatment from Cathy was an incredibly relaxing and deeply therapeutic experience. I’ve received countless massages, acupuncture and osteopathic treatments from many therapists over the years, and I can honestly say Cathy’s was one of the best I’ve ever had. I immediately felt her years of experience through her intuitive and strong hands, and felt very confident in her ability to diagnose and soothe the stresses in my body. Thanks again Cathy- I’m looking forward to our next appointment.”