Total Balance Studio bodywork sessions combine a range of ancient and modern modalities for deep and holistic healing.  Each session is strategically designed especially for your individual physical and emotional needs for sustained and long term healing.


Bodywork and massage for recovery therapy in Byron Bay and South Golden Beach


Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to look and feel more beautiful


Good for acne and other skin conditions, volumises hair, reduces cellulite, gently exfoliates and moisturises your skin and slows premature ageing.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to relax and refresh

Relax & Refresh

Dopamine and Endorphins, powerful natural pain relievers and mood enhancers, are released by the brain as you float in the tank, promoting total relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support your mind and spirit

Mind & Spirit

Deeply relaxing alpha, theta or even delta waves (the state-of-mind achieved through hours of meditation) can be generated in the brain after just a few minutes of floating leaving you with natural high, focused, creative and with boundless energy!

Total Balance Movement and Recovery studio proivide a holistic diagnostic approach to health
Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to reduce stress

Stress Relief

Helps in the management of stress related illnesses such as depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, and improve sleep.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to re-energise


.Resets hormonal and metabolic balance, strengthens resistance to, and accelerates recovery from the effects of stress, illness, injury, or strenuous exercise.

Total Balance Movement and Recovery Studio will support you to build body strength

Strength Building

Magnesium is a natural sedative, promotes heart health by reducing blood pressure and heart rate, giving the body a natural way to release stress. 


Bodywork is an umbrella term that applies to a unique, holistic and hands-on approach to treating the body. Strategically designed to improve posture and create energetic shifts to promote awareness of the ‘body-mind connection’ using more than one modality of healing techniques.   

Many of us are feeling the effects of the past few years, nervous systems are out of balance, immune systems are struggling and we have lost trust in ourselves, the system and the world in general.  

Total Balance Studio offers modern modalities for deep and holistic healing. Each treatment is strategically designed especially for your individual physical and emotional needs for sustained and long term healing.  

Modalities used include…

Our state of the art antigravity 3D massage chairs;

Sound, Vibration and Healing tones;

PEMF/Infrared/Ion/Amethyst Mat;

Normatec leg and hip compression therapy;

Red-light therapy;

Hypervolt percussion massage gun;

Movement therapy to bring balance to the physical body with the use of TRX, Aerial yoga hammock, Stretch WallBars, Rebounder and Balance board to promote strength, mobility and flexibility. 

Each program is tailored to the individuals needs and takes into account all aspects of their being, physical, emotional, mental, spititual. Learn more about Cathy here.







    Normatec leg compression, PEMF, Biomat, infrared
    Red light therapy, infrared light


    Each session is tailored to your individual needs following an initial assessment process where we look at your needs on a holistic level. This may include stress reduction, reducing inflammation and pain, increasing mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness, recovery from exercise, increasing circulation, or treatment of any number of physical conditions.

    We then tailor a session to meet your required needs using any of the modalities listed above. This can be a one off treatment or a series of treatments developed into a long term plan with specific and measurable outcomes.

    Float Tank what to expect
    Massage chairs, dry needling, cupping and PEMF infrared mat South Golden Beach, Byron Bay
    Total Balance Training

    Total Balance Training

    Many personal trainers provide a limited approach to training programs.  Total Balance embraces a diversity of types of training, knowing that physical health is a an inside and outside job. Calisthenics/body weight training – development of body weight...

    Advanced Sauna Therapy

    Advanced Sauna Therapy

    Rather than heating the air like traditional saunas, Infrared saunas use infrared lamps that use electromagnetic radiation that penetrate the tissue to warm your body directly. This allows infrared saunas to operate at a lower temp than a traditional saunas (between...

    Hot/Cold Therapy – the ultimate in recovery!

    Hot/Cold Therapy – the ultimate in recovery!

    For injury recovery, contrasting is a good, cheap, safe, and simple idea, and trust me its so much better than it sounds, when it’s done right.  Ice bath recovery can decrease inflammation, desensitise pain receptors and enhance muscular and cardiovascular...



    The Crystal

    I have two fave combos…

    My fave dry combo is Normatec leg compression boots and the massage chair. The relaxation and muscle release I get from this combo is next level.

    My fave wet combo is the massage chair and the float tank. I have a very busy mind, I’ve been trying to meditate but find it really hard, floating helps me to free my mind, it’s like I’m in a little cocoon and nothing can get to me.

    I also love the social aspect which is really important for me.



    The Farley


    “Cath is an inspiring & motivated trainer. I really dislike exercising but Cath’s ability to create work outs that are unique to me & my body is incredible. She makes the sessions fun, while weaving in technical aspects. I’ve seen really positive results in my strength & body shape. I highly recommend Cath!


    I also love the PEMF mat, sauna and red-light…oh and really love the float tank!”



    The Chris

    “My go to combo is sauna, ice bath, hot mag bath.

    I like the challenge of the ice bath, learning to calm my nervous system, and listening Cathy’s deep wealth of knowledge.

    Lately I’ve been including the Normatec leg compression boots and the massage chair in my marathon training recovery regime.”


    The Jen

    “My combo is the red-light, massage chair and PEMF mat. 

    Stepping in front of the redlight I can feel the infrared rays penetrating deep into the tissues, and the red-light taking care of the cosmetic side of things. It’s so healing and energizing. 

    The massage chair is like going to a masseuse with 8 hands and feeling that pressure all over the body at the one time is such a nurturing sensation. 

    The last part of my combo laying on the PEMF mat is about pure relaxation, letting go and falling asleep.”