Welcome to Total Balance Recovery and Movement Studio.  I’m Cathy Downing, centre founder and for 25 years a health and wellbeing practitioner. If you feel like you’re running on empty, know you have untapped physical and emotional potential and are ready to be the best version of yourself then this is the place for you. Myself and the Total Balance team are here to support you to stop surviving and start thriving, body, mind and spirit!

Restoring BALANCE
for a boundless life.

Float Tank Therapy in South Golden Beach, Byron Bay
Cathy Downing
Cathy Downing
Cathy Downing

I believe we should all be aiming for a life where we thrive, yet so many of us settle for one where we just survive.  Struggling to get up, going through the motions, just to get to the end of the day where we fall back into bed exhausted to then start the process over and over, hoping that each day will be easier than the last. My vision is to provide my clients with a place where they can come and learn how to heal themselves. I offer restorative therapies that help break the survive cycle and get my clients back on track, in balance and leaving feeling lighter, stronger and much more free than when they arrived. With a spring in their step and positive and healthy mindset to match! 


I approach what I do from a holistic place of healing.  Each person is an individual with a unique set of challenges, physically, mentally and emotionally. My goal is to work with each person to discover solutions to these challenges. Each treatment I offer is different, there is no ‘one size fits all’. I listen to your stories, I love to get to know what makes you tick, what your day looks like, how you handle stressors, how you sleep, eat, move and relax – everything is part of your special story and another piece in the puzzle to unlocking your full potential. I love to educate and encourage people to challenge what they are told and to listen to their bodies – you know your body better than anyone else. Once you tune in with it enough to hear what it is trying to say you hold the power to our own healing. I live, walk and talk what I teach others and I have the same ups and downs as you do, but I know that by using all the strategies I share with clients in my own life, I’m able to help you to thrive in the same way that I am working towards thriving myself!


I have always had a fascination with how the body and mind work, and how we can make them work better. I believe it’s often our thoughts and beliefs that hold us back, that to treat the body we must also understand the mind. As a registered nurse, remedial massage therapist and educator, plant-based nutritionist and personal trainer, I have training in the western approach to healing. With training and experience in body work modalities such as Dry Needling, Cupping, Aromatherapy, Healing tones and ion healing, I also have a strong affinity to the eastern way of supporting optimum health. An athlete myself who has experienced chronic back injury and its recovery, I know first hand how frustrating it can be to be in sub par health.  All of this plus having worked in the areas of mental health and chronic illness with hundreds of patients over the years, my approach is profoundly holistic. How I treat you depends on you! I think outside the box and love finding the perfect solution for each individual!

Here at Total Balance we believe in every individual playing their part in preserving our beautiful planet, so when we created our beautiful space we got creative and reused and up-cycled where ever possible. Where possible, our towels and robes are from predominantly Australian companies Bhumi and Maddison Collection who use organic and/or consciously sourced materials. Buying local where possible helping to reduce our carbon footprint.  We are plant-based for our health, the planet and animal welfare, we believe that all beings are equally important.

I look forward to supporting you in creating optimum health and wellbeing for a boundless life.

x Love, Cathy


Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

Float Tank

Float therapy is designed to rest the body and mind. Lay back fully supported in the zero gravity state created by highly concentrated magnesium salt water.

Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

Ice Bath

Our state of the art Dreampod ice bath leaves you feeling alert, recharged, and revitilised! Combine with our mineral soaker for the ultimate in contrast therapy.

Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

Mineral Soaker

Sink into our gorgeous magnesium rich mineral soaker to ease joint and muscle pain, speed injury recovery, improve sleep and reduce stress.  For a deeper healing experience explore our contrast therapy.

Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

Infrared Sauna

Boost overall body health, increase weight loss, decrease stress and detox all in the comfort of our brand new dry sauna.  

Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

Bodywork Therapies

3D Anti Gravity Massage Chairs, Red-light therapy, PEMF infrared negative ion amethyst crystal healing mat, Normatec leg and hip compression boots, Hypervolt massage gun.

Total Balance movement and recovery studio price

Personalised Movement Training

 Total Balance movement and recovery studio provides a next level and holistic program to see you fitter, healthier, happier and looking fabulous! 

Total Balance Training

Total Balance Training

Many personal trainers provide a limited approach to training programs.  Total Balance embraces a diversity of types of training, knowing that physical health is a an inside and outside job. Calisthenics/body weight training – development of body weight...

Advanced Sauna Therapy

Advanced Sauna Therapy

Rather than heating the air like traditional saunas, Infrared saunas use infrared lamps that use electromagnetic radiation that penetrate the tissue to warm your body directly. This allows infrared saunas to operate at a lower temp than a traditional saunas (between...

Hot/Cold Therapy – the ultimate in recovery!

Hot/Cold Therapy – the ultimate in recovery!

For injury recovery, contrasting is a good, cheap, safe, and simple idea, and trust me its so much better than it sounds, when it’s done right.  Ice bath recovery can decrease inflammation, desensitise pain receptors and enhance muscular and cardiovascular...



The Farley

 “Cath is an inspiring & motivated trainer. I really dislike exercising but Cath’s ability to create work outs that are unique to me & my body is incredible. She makes the sessions fun, while weaving in technical aspects. I’ve seen really positive results in my strength & body shape. I highly recommend Cath! 

I also love the PEMF mat, sauna and red-light…oh and really love the float tank!”


The Christina

“For me a Total Balance session is all about deep nurture. It’s my time out to be extra kind to myself! My standard session is the massage chair to unwind, a sweat in the sauna followed by a nice long float in the magnesium bath.  I float out the studio totally blissed out every time. For those who like it gentle and warm I highly recommend this combo.”


The Danni

“Love love love my sessions at TBS. 

If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed its the perfect reset. Cathy always makes me feel I am in safe and compassionate hands.

I love the float tank but I also love the challenge of the hot cold therapy.

It’s been a game changer!”


The Crystal

“I have two fave combos…

My fave dry combo is Normatec leg compression boots and the massage chair. The relaxation and muscle release I get from this combo is next level.

My fave wet combo is the massage chair and the float tank. I have a very busy mind, I’ve been trying to meditate but find it really hard, floating helps me to free my mind, it’s like I’m in a little cocoon and nothing can get to me.

I also love the social aspect which is really important for me.”