It’s been reported that up to 57 % of the world’s population does not get the recommended amount of magnesium needed to maintain health and wellness. 

Magnesium happens to be one of the main ingredients present in epsom salt, which is used in our Dreampod Mineral Soaker. By soaking in the warm waters of the Mineral Soaker the body will absorb trace minerals, as well as magnesium. This aids in building immunity in the body and can help boost a resistance to illness and disease.

One of the side effects of mineral deficiency in the body is fatigue. The Mineral Soaker helps combat this and soaking in the magnesium rich water can restore vital energy to the body and help in recovery and revitalisation.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the health of our body’s largest organ, your skin, look no further. The minerals present inside the high quality water of the Mineral Soaker help promote softer, smoother, and healthier skin. Not only is the epsom salt good for dry, itchy skin, but research also suggests there are anti-fungal benefits for the skin and nails.

The list of benefits goes on and on; decreases congestion and helps with allergies and other respiratory infections, boosts overall health by regulating blood sugar and improving cardiovascular health. Regular use also boosts the body’s circulatory system and nerve function.
The warm luxurious water of the Mineral Soaker simply just feels good. Who doesn’t need to relax and feel good in today’s world? 

Indulge and treat yourself to the restorative benefits of the Dreampod Mineral Soaker.

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