Total Balance Treatment and Recovery Studio, South Godlen Beach, Byron Bay, NSW

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Restoring BALANCE for a boundless life.


Personalised, tailored, long term health solutions in private studio setting.

Cathy Downing

Many of us are feeling the effects of the past few years, nervous systems are out of balance, immune systems are struggling and we have lost trust in ourselves, the system and the world in general. I look forward to welcoming you to the studio soon xx

Cathy Downing, Total Balance Studio founder and chief caregiver.

Float therapy is designed to rest the body and mind. Lay back fully supported in the zero gravity state created by highly concentrated magnesium salt water, heated to skin temperature.  This dark sound-proof pod gives you the perfect environment to allow your physical body to relax and your mind to enter into a blissful state, free from the demands of your busy life.

Float Tank Ocean Shores

Total Balance Studio boasts the best in heat and ice therapy with our state of the art Dreampod Ice Bath and Mineral Soaker.  Sink into our gorgeous, relaxing magnesium rich mineral soaker.  Plunge into our invigorating and revitalising ice bath.  Or for a full mind and body healing experience combine the two.

Recovery and contrast therapy Byron Bay and South Golden Beach

Step into our advanced technology infrared sauna.  Boost overall body health, increase weight loss, decrease stress and detox all in the comfort of our brand new dry sauna.  Relax with your favourite music, a podcast, read a book, listen to one of our guided meditations, or just sit quietly and relax while our sauna does all the work.

sauna for recovery therapy in Byron Bay and South Golden Beach

So much more to bodywork than than simply having a massage. Total Balance Studio bodywork sessions combine a range of ancient and modern modalities for deep and holistic healing.  Each session is strategically designed especially for your individual physical and emotional needs for sustained and long term healing.


Massage chairs, dry needling, cupping and PEMF infrared mat South Golden Beach, Byron Bay



The Christina

“For me a Total Balance session is all about deep nurture. It’s my time out to be extra kind to myself! My standard session is the massage chair to unwind, a sweat in the sauna followed by a nice long float in the magnesium bath.  I float out the studio totally blissed out every time. For those who like it gentle and warm I highly recommend this combo.”ke exercising but Cath’s ability to create work outs that are unique to me & my body is incredible. She makes the sessions fun, while weaving in technical aspects. I’ve seen really positive results in my strength & body shape. I highly recommend Cath!”


The Crystal

I have two fave combos…

My fave dry combo is Normatec leg compression boots and the massage chair. The relaxation and muscle release I get from this combo is next level.

My fave wet combo is the massage chair and the float tank. I have a very busy mind, I’ve been trying to meditate but find it really hard, floating helps me to free my mind, it’s like I’m in a little cocoon and nothing can get to me.

I also love the social aspect which is really important for me.


The Danni

” Love love love my sessions at TBS. 

If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed its the perfect reset. Cathy always makes me feel I am in safe and compassionate hands.

I love the float tank but I also love the challenge of the hot cold therapy.

Its been a game changer!


The Chris

“My go to combo is sauna, ice bath, hot mag bath.

I like the challenge of the ice bath, learning to calm my nervous system, and listening Cathy’s deep wealth of knowledge.

Lately I’ve been including the Normatec leg compression boots and the massage chair in my marathon training recovery regime.”